somalinomads – mobile gallery

oral history shaah iyo sheeko – music – art – food Anjeelo iyo Suugo


somali nomads – Mobile Gallery, derived from the ancient principle of the AQAL Somal, reinterprets its traditional round form into an angular structure, creating a aesthetic transformation and questioning its diasporic history and presents. 

Upon entering the Mobile Gallery, one is transported to the vibrant heart of different places in Somalia. The experience is characterized by the rich aromas of tea and incense, the presence of dates and popcorn, and the ambient sounds of the city. Traditional fabrics and patterns envelop the interior, providing a deep cultural context

                                                – you are home – you are safe –

Notably, the Mobile Gallery’s varying locations allow it to transport this intimate interior environment to diverse settings, offering a consistent cultural experience regardless of its geographical position. 

Kindly remove your shoes and step in

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