The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a universal challenge regardless of geographic area, cultural and social-economic background. The health situation in most countries of the global north are under strain these days, and it is obvious how catastrophic this can be in countries of the global south such as Somalia. We are expecting a disastrous impact of the virus given by lack of professionals in the health care system and poor infrastructure computed with a weak social-economic framework.

N_CLINIC is a highly mobile, energy self-sufficient medical and architectural solution as a response to detect, prevent and educate the population from and about the COVID-19 throughout Somalia. A transnational and transdisciplinary team of Somali architects, designers, engineers and medical experts joined in countering the emerging crisis caused by COVID-19 and fulfil effective medical interventions through universal accessibility of urban and rural areas. As professionals with a Somali background, we identify the importance of sensitivity and respect of the culture and the need for knowledge about the traditional Somali approaches in dealing with diseases and death. It is crucial to reflect on social interactions and challenges through gender, age, religion and illiteracy and they acceptance concerning NomadiClinics activities. People involved in developing the medical and architecture concept of the NomadiClinic are six Somali Diasporas, living in different cities (London, Berlin, Dar es Salaam and Mogadishu), working and coordinating the project as a transnational network of solidarity.

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