great attractor center of gravity –

 stands as a site-specific marvel, a row concrete ring. This elemental form, forged from the enduring substance of concrete, challenges the limits of architecture, construction, and gravity itself. Heavy in essence, yet light in appearance, it floats with an ethereal grace that belies its substantial weight.

Concrete, the supposed ancient beauty and strength of the architecture of the Global North, finds new meaning here. This material, once the backbone of modernist dreams and urban landscapes, is reimagined and recontextualized. 

It speaks of decolonial narratives, urging us to reflect on the histories and legacies embedded within its stony silence.

From afar, the ring hovers—monumental and grand. As we draw closer, the intricacies of its textures unfold, inviting us to move, to see,to smell, to feel from every angle. This play between distance and proximity mirrors the ebb and flow of human perception, the constant shift in our understanding of the world. The interplay of light, tactility, color, and materiality is implicit, enhancing the viewer’s experience. The viewer is drawn into the ring without initially understanding why, captivated by an unseen force that compels them to engage.

great attractor center of gravity – is an intellectual and emotional odyssey, a contemplation of existence’s fundamental structures and the unseen forces.

Through a decolonial and transnational perspective, this installation invites us to reconsider and reimagine the spaces we inhabit and the histories we inherit.

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